Shut up and swim

"If you have a lane, you have a chance"

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Bye bye for now

Since I am having a hard time with swimming at the moment, I have decided to try to erase everything swimming related (except for training and competing) out of my life, to take the problems off my mind. This means that I will take a break from tumblr for a while but I will be back as soon as I feel better about it. Love all of my followers, i never would have thought that anyone would follow me and it means a lot.

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flowergardengodess asked: OH MY GOD PLEASE NO PLEASE you are at European Championships and you saw Vladimir in person omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg he is perrrfffeccct!!!! Jealous!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I KNOW! Everytime he came out to swim I was like: ITS HIM! ITS HIM! I have some really good photos, i’ll probably post them later on!