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"In my world, I am one of the luckiest humans alive" -Alexander Dale Oen 1985-2012

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l--o--u asked: 1000, mile, yards, metres, goggles

1000: Haha easiest set I’ve ever done.. Probably any set during taper, it’s like; you get in, swim, sprint a little bit and then get up..

Mile: Hardest set I’ve ever done is hard to say, but when it comes to the longest and hardest it was when I swam 25*400. 

Yards: I love swimming outdoors no matter what the weather’s like. The air is so much better, makes it easier to give it all you’ve got.

Metres: my favorite pool is one of the fastest long course pools in Sweden, I always swim really good there, I love it!

Goggles: We don’t have Olympic trials in Sweden

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mercyber asked: Hi! I just wanted to thank you because you made me change my mind. I started taking swimming classes. I'm seventeen and actually haven't done anything with my body in all these years, so I seriously suck at breathing, in every sport I've tried I end up out of breath really quickly so it's really lame how I swim. Your blog has made me excited to keep going, so I thank you with all my heart for that! Also, is that you on that "how I look like after I swim" pic? Because you look really cute if so!

Oh this makes me so happy to read! Just keep going and don’t give up even though it’s hard, you’ll do great! 
Haha no it’s not me in the picture, if you do want to know what I look like I have an instagram, I don’t want to post it for everyone to see though so just send a message and I’ll give it to you if you want to :)

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Anonymous asked: fins, paddles, pool buoy?

Fins (funny story): Last year at regionals, me and some of my friends came back from lunch early and decided to take a nap in a small room next to the pool. When I woke up however… I was surrounded by two other swim teams and my friends where gone. So there I was, lying on the floor, alone and abandoned because my friends thought that “I looked so peaceful that they didn’t want to wake me”..

Paddles(do i pee in the pool): No i don’t actually, never had that emergency hahaha

Pull buoy: The worst meet I’ve ever had was last year at my final meet, it was a competition outdoors. It rained constantly, it was about 13 degrees celsius, they didn’t have enough timekeepers and judges of turns and so on so people got the wrong times and to top it all, I qualified for regionals and got disqualified. Never been so pissed in my entire life.

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So I work as a swim teacher some times and in one of the groups there is one guy who looks exactly like Michael Phelps did when he was younger, and he instantly became my favorite even though he can’t swim for shit cause I mean he looks like Phelps, he’s halfway there right?

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muggleborndauntlessinitiate asked: Since there are no high school/college swim teams in Sweden, do you swim on a rec team or just swim by yourself?

I don’t know what a rec team is but I’m guessing it’s like a club team? Cause that’s what I do, swim on a club team.

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Anonymous asked: Hi so I'm joining my schools swim team and I have no experience. Any tips on what to do/how to survive?

I’m really sorry but I have no idea how high school/ college swim teams work since we don’t have them in Sweden.. Wish i could help :(