Shut up and swim

"If you have a lane, you have a chance"

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Anonymous asked: what do you wear after morning practice? do you shower before school? do you get dressed at the pool? could you tell me the routine of what happens after morning practice before school, sorry i'm just a non-swimmer trying to understand.:)

Haha well I hated the combo morning practice + school cause it made me super tired until lunch and then I went hyper, until the last lesson where I just laughed at everything.. Anyways, the routine pretty much went like this:

1. Wait at least five minutes to get in the ice cold pool
2. Swim swim swim just keep swimming
3. Get up, stretch down, take a quick shower
4. put up hair in a swimmer bun, put on comfy but still good looking clothes
5. Drink some kind of protein shake (second breakfast)
6. Rush to school and eat third breakfast
7. Try to get through the day without falling asleep.

Hope this helped a little bit my non-swimmer friend!